MemoAngel is a web service that helps you turn your loss into a legacy. Collect your best memories, such as photos, quotes, e-mails and texts in one place and keep the memory alive. Share those cherished life stories with your family and friends. Available scrapbooking elements and different content types help users build unique stories. Although the nature of these pages is private by default, certain memories (entries) or even whole pages can be shared with family and friends.


The project goal was to build the entire web app, from concept to development that will help users create a beautiful life story about the people that have passed away. It was important to create a non-intrusive cross–device interface that looks great with different themes that target specific audiences.

My primary responsibilities on the project were consulting, design and front–end. Working with a colleague I helped write functional and visual guidelines, define the onboarding process, build HTML prototype, write microcopy, design icons, updating the presentation website based on user feedback etc. Everything was delivered as HTML/CSS templates.

MemoAngel is available live on