WordCamp Belgrade 2017

I attended WordCamp Belgrade 2015. I missed it in 2016. I wasn’t going to miss it in 2017. — I even applied to speak.

I have applied to speak with a talk “Make informed design decisions by understanding your audience” which is a new talk I’ve been working on. In the talk, I wanted to share some of tools and techniques I use utilise in my projects: questionnaires, analytics, heat maps etc. I had a closing session so I nervous until it was over. I had a lot of questions and received good feedback after the talk so I would call it a success.

Speaking at WordCamp Belgrade 2017.

WordCamp Belgrade 2017 (Copyright Ivan Gatić)

With over 300+ attendees and two tracks, it was a large (and successful) WordCamp, and a great opportunity to see old friends.