WebCamp Zagreb 2015

I was happy that my talk proposal “Modular and Bulletproof User Interfaces” was accepted for WebCamp Zagreb 2015. I got a chance to share my process when working on bigger projects, especially the benefits of thinking in modular terms when we are building style guides and design systems.

In the last several projects, I built really thorough style guides which documented everything from colors and typography to forms and components. That got me thinking about optimising my process even further and building stand–alone components I can easily reuse throughout the project.

Working with bigger projects is often a challenge from the design standpoint. It’s important to optimise the design phase so that we can easily keep track of different interface elements across the site. Building an interface inventory is often the first step, with style guide and pattern libraries following the design process — serving as the project foundation. The final deliverable is always HTML and CSS, in form of building blocks and components that will allow you to easily build new templates and test for different use–case scenarios while your design remains bulletproof — even with future updates.

You can see the video of the talk on YouTube thanks to really awesome WebCamp organizers.