Take a Deep Breath

The last few months have been overwhelming, to say the least. I’ll write it down for the sake of sanity and as a reminder to my future self.

March was easy.

April was “I got this.”:

  • Travelling on a bike from Zagreb to coastline (202 km in a single day) ?
  • Running a half–marathon ?
  • Moving to a new place (always fun) ?
  • Wrapping up one large project (and several smaller ones) ?
  • Starting a new project ?
  • Preparing a new talk ?
  • Weekend in Budapest ?

May will be “Hold your breath.”:

  • In Berlin for a week (vacation though :)) ?
  • Working uninterruptedly ?
  • Speaking at WordCamp Belgrade ❤️
  • Keynote speaker at DrupalHeart Zagreb ❤️
  • Preparing for a marathon ?

June … “Just a little bit more.”:

  • Plitvice Marathon ?
  • WordCamp Europe (and everything leading up to that) ?
  • Just regular work. ?


  • I give up. ?
  • Vacation (again) ⛰
  • Taking up new projects. ?

I’m also helping out as a member of the WordCamp Europe design team and leading organizing effort for our local event (announcing soon).

I would usually sense a burnout coming up, but not this time — I’m full of energy and everything is going towards my master plan. Remember when you are feeling down, just look back at what you have accomplished so far. Buckle up and cross those to–do items.