Make Website Design Decisions in Your Browser

Over the years, I modified my design approach to be as efficient as possible. Although I start to work on the design in Photoshop or Sketch—final deliverables are HTML/CSS files, not static images/mockups. Working directly in the browser enables me to test different devices and scenarios in the environment where those designs will actually be used.

I wrote in more depth about my design process—from working on prototypes directly in the browsers to testing fonts, icons etc. By moving the design process to the browser, we can create elaborate style guides which are easier to maintain.

Designing in the browser is a term that became popular with the rise of responsive web design. In order to minimize hours spent in design programs like Photoshop, designers were urged to move the design phase into the browser by utilizing CSS. I’m quite fond of this approach, because it proved more efficient in my experience. In my case, the deliverable is HTML and CSS design, viewable and usable in the browser. To learn why, keep reading.

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