Living In Munich For The Next 3 Months

I’ll have a chance to live in Munich for the next three months and I’m looking forward to it. My wife got a three month scholarship to do part of her Ph.D. in Helmholtz Zentrum München and I’ll tag along. I can’t wait to see how this experience will change me—will it affect my work and productivity and in what way.

Living in Zagreb is comfortable for us—we have a large three bedroom flat with one room acting as my home office. That keeps me focused and removes distractions from other things.

Things will be different in Unterschleissheim. We’ll have one room in a shared apartment. Although I don’t require much working space the environment can affect my productivity and overall concentration. I will definitely try to make my new workspace more comfortable by bringing a 28” screen and a laptop stand, which is basically the same setup I have in Zagreb.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m wondering how everything will turn up. After all, this temporary but important change will tell how things might go in the future.