RockPaperStartups is a yearly regional startup conference. The website was the important part of the project since it was important to showcase the program, speakers, venue and overall event information. Simple but recognizable branding was easy to implement into different types of materials (web banners, posters, badges etc.).


Project goal was to design a recognisable visual identity which can be applied on different print and web materials. Website had a much more important goal since it provided up–to–date information on the schedule and speakers, while making it easy for visitors to purchase the ticket. The site was built mobile–first and designed directly in the browser which resulted in more than 30%+ of mobile visitors getting the best possible experience before and during the conference. The schedule was accessible on mobile devices in real–time.

My primary responsibilities on the project were design and front–end. I implemented a modular block approach to the website which made it easy to update and rearrange the elements based on priority.

RockPaperStartups is available live on