A list of small personal projects that you might find interesting.

Polar Starter

Simple project starter that generates a style guide using KSS methodology. Setup with Gulp (SASS compilation, browser reload etc.). Place to learn, experiment and improve project delivery for clients. Work in progress.

Polar Starter on GitHub

Interface Inventory

Define your interface components in a spreadsheet format (CSV) and generate starting (HTML, SCSS, JS etc.) files from there via terminal in OSX. Read related article with more thoughts behind documenting interfaces in a spreadsheet.

Interface Inventory on GitHub


I couldn’t find an icon set of common care symbols for a project so I decided to create my own and release it for free. Washicons are common care symbols drawn on a 32×32 pixel grid. There are 80+ icons, covering all symbols for washing, drying, bleaching, dry cleaning, ironing and even several custom icons.

Washicons on GitHub